Thema Eyewear’s Miami factory has long been a place of innovation, customization and sustainable mindset. As explained by Giulia Valmassoi, CEO of Thema North America, “Having a Made in USA collection is integral to our company’s ethos. It symbolizes our dedication to supporting local artisans, fostering job creation, and upholding rigorous quality standards.”

It also allows Thema to build a personal relationship with its customers and optometry/opticianry students in the area, inviting them to Miami to see how their frames are made. Valmassoi said, “Since we opened the factory in Miami, we have welcomed hundreds of customers for a tour of our factory while also taking the opportunity to host enriching educational sessions for individuals pursuing a career as opticians, in collaboration with Miami Dade College.”

For Thema, being American-made has always been something to be proud of—and a competitive advantage. Despite changes in the economic and retail landscape over the past few years, Valmassoi said, “our commitment to American-made collections has been a consistent advantage. It allows us to maintain greater control over the production process, ensuring both quality and ethical practices.”

This works for Thema, and it works for their customers, as well. “Our Made in USA approach has resonated positively with customers who appreciate the authenticity and attention to detail inherent in domestically crafted eyewear. Feedback from our accounts has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Our customers are enthusiastic about our American-made eyewear, and their satisfaction soars upon discovering our transparent pricing and vast custom options. Combining customization and domestic production isn’t just a perk—it genuinely propels ROI and boosts sales,” Valmassoi said.

To underscore this, Thema provides accounts with merchandising support and POP materials that highlight the fact that Thema frames are American-made. Part of the brand’s packaging is also made in the U.S., including their countertop displays. As customers continue to prioritize American-made collections and as customer taste continues to evolve, Thema continues to innovate. The brand is introducing a new 3D configurator, as well as new and diverse designs in its most popular collection.

Valmassoi concluded, “We firmly believe that the authenticity and craftsmanship of American-made eyewear resonate with consumers seeking products with a compelling story. In addition, being able to produce our products locally provides us with a significant advantage, allowing us to swiftly release new models that align seamlessly with the latest trends.”