Modo Eyewear’s Made in Brooklyn collection, which offers a combination of classic shapes and trendy colorways, is a result of customer demand. Rebecca Giefer, CEO Americas, told VM, “While innovation is at the core of Modo’s DNA, we also listen to our customers and there is a demand for U.S.-made product. It took an enormous risk and investment to open our own production domestically but we are proud to say that over the last 7 years, Modo’s Brooklyn-based factory is among the current leaders in American-made eyewear.”


This year, Modo expanded its American-made offerings with its acquisition of Lowercase, another Brooklyn-based brand that both diversifies Modo’s offerings and ties in perfectly with the brand DNA. As Giefer explained, “First, we love the Lowercase brand. The luxury brand positioning of Lowercase allows us to connect with a different segment of the market. Second, we appreciate the manufacturing details of the Lowercase products… We are committed to maintaining the brand identity that the founder, Gerard, started with both component and material stories.

“Third, a top priority for us is to expand the current Lowercase sales team to include representation in many regions across North America. We appreciate the customers that have stood by us throughout the last 5 months of transition, and we’re committed to expanding our service both in the field and being supportive with Modo’s client relations team at our head office.”

Lowercase’s production had been based in the Army Terminal in Brooklyn, but moved to Modo’s factory in Industry City, also in Brooklyn, in April of this year. Giefer said, “After many months of integrating techniques and equipment, we are finally picking up momentum on increasing inventory levels for both the carryover styles and newness. We are excited to launch a FW23 collection debuting at The Loft, Vision Expo West and Silmo.”

With this expansion, Modo has even further solidified its commitment to American-made eyewear—something Giefer said is undoubtedly a net positive. She said, “Having a Made in the USA collection has had an overall positive effect as the end customers and patients are seeking out American-made products and we have a great offering for our retail partners to carry.

“Producing eyewear in the U.S. will always present challenges, but we credit our factory team for continuing to fine-tune each production, find efficiencies and handoffs between automation and handmade processes.”

With its American-made collections, Modo offers an assortment of “Brooklyn Made” plaques, counter cards and displays that serve to reinforce where the frames are made. Alongside a variety of custom POP, this can make all the difference. Giefer said, “Often it is an added bonus or story, like being made in Brooklyn, that is the difference between the sale of our frame vs. one produced overseas.”