Manufactured in Pittsburgh, Eyenavision’s North Point Eyewear is a line fully dedicated to the independent ECP. Each frame is designed using 3D CAD software with global components, including acetate from Italy and hinges and core wires from Germany. The collection was born to be American-made.

Joe Zewe, CEO, told VM, “Eyenavision was founded with a focus on innovation and being hands-on with respect to our products. As a Made in USA frame line, North Point Eyewear is an essential extension of that mentality. Our frame manufacturing operation is now at the core of our business.”

As a central tenant of the business, the Eyenavision team is with North Point every step of the way. Zewe said, “It is important to be involved in the products you sell. We found it difficult to be passionate about frames made in an overseas factory. We feel a connection to North Point because we are with the product from design, through prototyping, and finally production.”

Smaller production runs also allow North Point to introduce new frame designs and sizing in “record time,” Zewe explained—furthering the brand’s commitment to its partners and customers.

While the varying economy always plays a factor in business operations, Zewe said that customer satisfaction is strong—and growing. “Made in America is becoming an entirely new category of eyewear. As more consumers see the lines, it has created more demand. More and more patients are prioritizing American-made products.

“We have found that our customers and their patients have responded only positively regarding North Point Eyewear. ECP feedback tells us that patients are becoming repeat customers, and word-of-mouth sales are driving profits.”

POP materials help spread that American-made story, too. Eyenavision works closely with ECPs to co-brand and create custom marketing that works with their specific markets. These include custom displays that are handmade and locally sourced, posters, window clings and social media campaigns.

Zewe explained, “We’re all in this together, so we make it a point to stress the support we provide during the onboarding of our product lines… We love to highlight and celebrate our accounts in whatever way we can.”

Zewe said that North Point has “moved beyond the startup stage,” and that he and his team are now focused on bringing increasingly complex designs to North Point, distinguishing it from competitors. This fall, North Point will release its Heritage Collection, inspired by Pittsburgh’s industrial roots and architecture. In 2024, a lighter, high-tech collection will follow, inspired by Pittsburgh’s robotics and tech boom.

The company also works behind the scenes with ECPs to produce private label collections—all things made possible because of North Point’s local, hands-on production. Zewe concluded, “We love working directly with our customers to design, prototype and grow.”