For The McGee Group, American manufacturing just made sense. Executive vice president Matt McGee tells VM, “The McGee Group has long been proud to be an American-owned company that generates designs for the American consumer. Growing our manufacturing capabilities enable us to complete the American story.”

The Group currently has a number of Manufactured in the USA Ducks Unlimited styles, which The Group has released to a limited number of accounts. McGee says that feedback has been positive—especially considering Ducks Unlimited’s dedication to local conservation as well. It all connects in a larger story: that manufacturing is good for the local economy, yes, but also helps a business lower its carbon footprint and keeps businesses involved in their local communities. He says, “ECP customers that have participated in the program are very excited about the Manufactured in USA collection. Of course, the Ducks Unlimited organization is focused on conservation in the U.S., so having products made here reinforces every element of their brand story by shortening the length of the supply chain, which reduces our carbon footprint connected to the product journey.”

Of course, Manufactured in the USA can mean constant adaptation to a changing market and supply chain, but McGee finds it all worth it. He says, “we find ourselves pivoting and making those adjustments when necessary. Having greater control over the full process, from design to production to distribution, is beneficial for us and gives us greater flexibility when we have to adapt.”

And growth is on the horizon. At first, all of The McGee Group’s Manufactured in the USA collections were acetate, but that has gone so well that the Group is planning to expand into new design elements, special production techniques and testing new materials. The next Manufactured in the USA collection is slated for October of this year.

McGee says, “Over time, we’ll be adding new brands to our American-made collections, so this is an area we plan to invest in and grow in the coming years. We will be adding more brands that will showcase our factory’s capability and increase our competitive advantage… As we grow and expand, this will give us better visibility throughout the entire process—from design to distribution—and bring expanded capability to our business.”