In 2022, L’Amy America debuted Seven.Five, its first American-made collection. The collection is designed in Connecticut at L’Amy’s headquarters, and then manufactured out of global components in New Jersey, as part of an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Wayne, New Jersey-based Scene Eyewear. L’Amy’s director of lifestyle brands Connie Reiss explained to VM upon the launch last year, “The brand name 75 symbolizes the beginning—the start—the impetus of a movement. In 1775 the first, and perhaps most pivotal battle of the Revolutionary War was fought.

“The year 1775 marked the beginning of America’s quest for freedom. In a similar spirit, 75 is our start... 75 not only symbolizes the beginning, but more importantly signifies the early days of the American eyewear revolution.”

The current collection is still on the smaller side and has been on the market for less than 8 months. Reiss said, “We’ve cautiously approached the market with a selective distribution model and are finding that accounts are very passionate about American products, so expectations for growth are very high.”

L’Amy America sees Seven.Five as a key focus of its business, one that gives it a competitive edge. Reiss said, “We are a consumer solutions driven company and research shows that consumers value and desire USA products. We aim to satisfy that consumer need. It is a point of competitive differentiation.”

L’Amy has found that consumers are indeed asking about American-made eyewear, and the response from accounts and end consumers has been “overwhelmingly positive,” and “mostly centered on the high quality of the product—from materials to luxurious detail,” said Reiss.

The American-made story is an undeniable competitive edge, and when paired with top tier manufacturing the Seven.Five collection becomes unmissable. To further this story, L’Amy offers small displays, counter cards and large format graphics like window banners and posters so ECPs can call out that the collection is made in the U.S.

As the Seven.Five collection grows and reaches its first year in the market, Reiss said L’Amy is looking to increase the value, offering the same quality and detail without changing prices. From a trend standpoint, the collection is leaning into earth tones, textured surfaces and shapes with angular effects.

Reiss said, “We will continue with our neo-classic/mod traditional design approach, utilizing gorgeously rich colored acetates with hand-sculpted effects, for both men and women.”