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Majority of Women In Optometry Poll Respondents Seem Aligned With Vaccination Status Transparency

By Staff
Thursday, September 23, 2021 12:08 PM It is not uncommon for patients to ask doctors or practice staff about the vaccination status of the team. Indeed, more than half of the respondents (53 percent) to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll said that they are getting this question “once in a while” and 12 percent said they are asked “quite often.” More than a quarter (28 percent) said that patients do not or rarely ask about vaccination status.

For some, the frequency of this question seems to be waning, with 7 percent saying they heard the question more frequently earlier. However, nearly 5 percent said they have begun hearing it more frequently recently.

Overall, two-thirds of the respondents, 66 percent, said that they volunteer their own vaccination status if asked. Indeed, some use it as a marketing tool. One male OD responded, “I have my vaccination card blown up and attached to the wall so anyone can see it.” One female OD wrote, “We are very forthcoming about our complete office vaccination status and promote it.”

More than a third of respondents (35 percent) said they relay the safety protocols the office used without revealing specific employee information. However, a number of these respondents also said that they will volunteer their own vaccination status, especially if asked directly. About 10 percent of respondents reported that they did not and will not volunteer their vaccination status to patients.

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Tennessee COVID-19 Cases Climb to Top in the Country

By Staff
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 8:02 AM Tennessee now ranks first in the country for new COVID-19 cases per capita as the state continues to battle its worst virus surge yet.

9th Edition of DaTE in Florence Closes With 55 Percent Increase in Buyers and 130 Italian and International Brands

By Staff
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 12:18 AM FLORENCE, Italy—The 9th edition of DaTE, an event focused on independent brands and eyewear of the future, closed yesterday at the Stazione Leopolda di Firenze. Held Sept. 11 to 13, almost 1,500 eyewear professionals and select buyers visited the show, organizers reported, exceeding expectations and emphasizing the importance of in-person events for the eyewear industry. With 130 Italian and international brands taking part, they noted, "The event reconfirmed itself as a key resource for the entire eyewear industry which, in Italy, brings in about €4 billion in turnover, and employs a workforce of 18,000."

Look to Ophthalmology for a Glimpse of Telemedicine’s Future

By Staff
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 12:04 AM We're creating something called hybrid telemedicine, where patients can go into any number of eye exam offices, get their testing or imaging done and go home. The ophthalmologist will review that test, come up with a treatment plan, call the patient either on video or audio, go over those results—even show the patient the results of their testing—and then come up with a plan and a follow-up plan too.

Voting Inaccessible for Electors With Sight Loss, as Canadians Head to Polls

By Staff
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 12:02 AM Canadians are headed to the polls on September 20 to exercise their democratic right to vote, either at advanced polls, using a mail-in ballot, or on election day. But for Canadians with sight loss, voting isn’t as simple as walking into a voting booth or requesting a mail-in ballot and checking off a name.

Organizers of LOFT San Francisco Making Final Preparations for Sept 18-19 Event

By Staff
Monday, September 13, 2021 12:24 AM NEW YORK—Organizers of LOFT SF, to be held in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center on Sept. 18-19, are putting the final touches on their event plan and program.

See Tomorrow Campaign Reaching Millions, Says Contact Lens Institute

By Staff
Monday, September 13, 2021 12:21 AM WASHINGTON, D.C.—One month into the consumer phase of its “See Tomorrow” initiative, the Contact Lens Institute said last week that the campaign has already reached millions of U.S. residents.

Q&A: How Concerned Should We Be About the Mu Variant?

By Staff
Friday, September 10, 2021 9:03 AM Now that we're halfway through the Greek alphabet for naming coronavirus variants, it is clear that some are more worrisome than others. Only four so far have raised enough alarm to warrant a World Health Organization “variant of concern” designation – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta.

Medical Boards: Docs Who Spread COVID Misinformation Put License at Risk

By Staff
Friday, September 10, 2021 9:02 AM Three primary care boards issued a joint statement backing the Federation of State Medical Boards' recent statement saying that if physicians spread misinformation about COVID-19, their medical license could be suspended or revoked.

Show Organizers Release Details on Opening Night Party and other Special Events Planned for Vision Expo West 2021

By Staff
Thursday, September 9, 2021 12:27 AM ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The Vision Council and RX, co-organizers of Vision Expo, today announced details on the opening night party and other special events planned for Vision Expo West 2021.

Idaho Hospitals Begin Rationing Healthcare Amid COVID Surge

By Staff
Wednesday, September 8, 2021 8:02 AM Idaho public health leaders announced Tuesday that they activated "crisis standards of care" allowing health care rationing for the state's northern hospitals because there are more coronavirus patients than the institutions can handle.

The Vision Council and RX Share VisionSAFE Guidelines for Vision Expo West 2021

By Staff
Wednesday, September 8, 2021 12:24 AM ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The Vision Council and RX, organizers of Vision Expo, today shared the latest VisionSAFE guidelines that will be in place for Vision Expo West, taking place September 22-25 at The Venetian Convention Center & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Large Study Affirms What We Already Know: Masks Work to Prevent COVID-19

By Staff
Tuesday, September 7, 2021 8:06 AM A large, real-world test of face masks in Bangladesh shows that masks work to reduce community spread of COVID-19. It also shows that surgical masks are more effective than cloth face coverings.

AAA Sees a Rebound in U.S. Automobile Travel for Memorial Day Weekend

By Staff
Friday, September 3, 2021 12:00 PM Having just passed Labor Day, Memorial Day may seem like a distant memory. But the Automobile Club of America, which tracks automobile travel, has produced some statistics that bring into focus a picture of what U.S. travelers were doing at the unofficial start of the summer season. Citing AAA’s stats, eMarketer’s Sarah Lebow noted that after seeing just 23.1 million U.S. travelers in 2020, the Memorial Day weekend rebounded somewhat this year.

Beta-Blocker Reduces Lung Inflammation in Critical COVID-19

By Staff
Friday, September 3, 2021 10:00 AM In a small study, intravenous administration of the beta-blocker metoprolol to critically ill COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) safely blunted lung inflammation associated with the disease.