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Jobson Adds Three New Honorees to Online Eyecare Heroes Gallery

By Staff
Friday, August 7, 2020 12:15 AM NEW YORK—In these unprecedented times, Jobson continues to salute the industry's health care workers, especially ECPs, for continuing to provide essential eyecare during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week we salute three more Eyecare Heroes in our online gallery located at the Eyecare Heroes site. Dr. Arlene E. Schwartz, optometrist in Forest Hills, New York, Dr. Sophia Visanji, Optyx in New York City, and Kathy Bero, sales consultant for ClearVision Optical in Menominee, Mich. ECPs in the Gallery were selected from among the nominations submitted by readers of Vision Monday and 20/20.

#VMBrightSpots—Melanie Dombrowski, OD

By Staff
Monday, August 3, 2020 4:00 PM This week, Dr. Melanie Dombrowski, owner at Salisbury Eyecare And Eyewear in Salisbury, North Carolina, is celebrating a colorful bright spot: some new custom artwork in her exam rooms, created by local artist Abstract Dissent. 

Jobson Adds Three Honorees to Its Online Eyecare Heroes Gallery

By Staff
Friday, July 31, 2020 12:15 AM NEW YORK—In these unprecedented times, Jobson continues to salute the industry's health care workers, especially ECPs, for continuing to provide essential eyecare during the Covid-19 pandemic. This week we salute three more Eyecare Heroes in our online gallery located at the Eyecare Heroes site. Dr. Naheed Kassam, The Eye Center, Steve Davis, Omega Optical and Dr. Stephanie Tong, Provision Eyecare Center. ECPs in the Gallery were selected from among the nominations submitted by readers of Vision Monday and 20/20.

Malls Seek to Evolve as the Pandemic Hastens a Retail Overhaul

By Staff
Wednesday, July 29, 2020 11:21 AM As more department stores become vacant, we need to re-envision the future of mall properties. Will it be 100 percent retail? No, but its success still will come down to location.

With 11,000 Followers, Indie OD Finds a New Niche on TikTok

By Gwendolyn Plummer
Thursday, July 23, 2020 2:46 PM TAMPA, Fla.—Any small business owner knows just how important social media can be—and ECPs are no exception. Across the board, independent ODs use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and sometimes YouTube to get in touch with patients, potentially find new patients and spread important information about eyecare. But there’s a new social media superstar in town, and Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, is all over it. Dr. Bonilla-Warford specializes in pediatric and binocular vision at Bright Eyes Vision, in Tampa, Florida. There is no question that working with children requires a special skill set and a special approach—something Dr. Nate has achieved by delving into the world of TikTok.

Taking to Instagram for UV Awareness

By Staff
Thursday, July 23, 2020 11:48 AM NEW YORK—Warm summer weather brings more time spent outdoors, so it makes sense that we celebrate UV Safety Awareness Month in July, at the height of the season. Although many associate UV safety with skin and sunscreen, we also understand how important it is to protect the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Last month, many ECPs have taken to Instagram to remind their patients just how important this is—and give them tips and tricks to keep their eyes safe in the sunny, summer months. There’s still plenty of time to spread the word—so here’s a look at how some ECPs are using social media for UV Safety Awareness Month. 

National Vision Plans Special Cash Bonus to Frontline Associates and Doctors as Nation Continues to Navigate COVID-19

By Staff
Friday, July 17, 2020 12:18 AM DULUTH, Ga.—National Vision Holdings, Inc. announced plans to grant a special cash bonus to frontline associates and doctors. A one-time $250 bonus will be given to all patient-facing and customer-facing associates and the company’s network of doctors in recognition of their hard work toward safely serving patients and customers.

Virtual Vision Care Grows Up: A VM Conversation With Dr. Jacqueline Evans and Andrew Karp

By Staff
Thursday, July 16, 2020 12:30 AM Jacqueline Evans, OD, has skillfully integrated telehealth into her independent optometric practice in Denver. Colo. In a wide-ranging video interview with VM's Andrew Karp, Dr. Evans explains how she utilizes ocular telehealth technology to provide comprehensive eye exams remotely, what types of patients are best suited for telehealth and what the learning curve is like for optometrists who want to add virtual vision care to their practice. To learn more about the different ocular telehealth options available today, and how more optometrists and patients are learning how to take advantage of them, read VM's June cover story, "Virtual Vision Care Grows Up." 

Hitting Rewind on Today’s Read 2020

By Staff
Monday, July 6, 2020 12:58 PM Well, we are about halfway through 2020 and to say the least, it’s been a helluva year so far. The pandemic, which no one saw coming, has truly rocked our world and the challenges it brings just keep on morphing. If the pandemic has taught us nothing else, at least we now know we can adapt and pivot no matter what comes our way. The editors at VMAIL Weekend hope you are settled in for a nice long holiday weekend. And what better way to kick things off than a look back at some of our more popular Today’s Read features. So before you fire up that grill, pour yourself another cup of Joe and read through some stories you might have missed. In these trying times, we hope you’ll be able to find some hope, faith and inspiration in these stories. Read More

First Person: What’s Next for the OmniChannel Approach in Eyecare During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

By Staff
Tuesday, June 30, 2020 12:24 AM Andy Chance-Hill, Ocuco’s OmniChannel director, has spent the past 20 years working in the optics industry globally. In his work over the past three months, it has become evident to him that the shift in the optical sector, in particular, toward online sales and telehealth is here to stay. Observing this strong trend, Chance-Hill believes it is important to respond to a Vision Monday feature article – “The Patient Journey: An Ongoing Evolution” – that was published in VM’s April issue.

This Says it Best...10 Things Lockdown Has Taught Us

By Staff
Thursday, June 25, 2020 4:43 PM I’m sure you all, like me, have been “everything” in the last three months—mystified, shocked, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, fearful, moved, inspired, appreciative, grateful! Those are 10 adjectives that only just start to describe the range of emotional ups, downs and everywhere-in between that we all have likely been going through as the weeks go by. Weeks which can seem waaay longer than seven days, am I right? Anyhow, it’s encouraging to find comfort in the fact that many people have found ways to express and share their own perspectives on this year of 2020 that we never expected to see. Read More

What Do Kids Think About Their Parents Working From Home?

By Staff
Thursday, June 25, 2020 11:57 AM Now that many people have been working from home for a few months, kids have had an inside look at what their parents do all day while they're at work. So what do they think about it? Head over to The Cut for a funny, sweet, and sometimes tear-jerking look at what 10 different kids had to say about their parents' jobs now.

The Optical Industry and COVID-19

By Staff
Wednesday, June 24, 2020 12:25 AM Jessie Strype, Optik Magazine contributor, discusses how the COVID pandemic affected businesses. Like many other professions, opticians were left wondering how to move forward.

Schneider Rethinks Preventive Maintenance for Labs

By Staff
Tuesday, June 23, 2020 4:32 PM Prescription labs are always looking for ways to operate more profitably and cost effectively. But with machines working as fast as they can, utilization as high as possible and costs cut to a minimum, what other options do labs have for optimization? Lab equipment maker Schneider believes that a lab’s further potential can only be unleashed with advanced service. However, highly skilled service staff will always be a scarce resource. To solve this problem, Schneider has developed a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that helps labs become self-sufficient when performing preventive maintenance.

#VMBrightSpots—Optician Now

By Staff
Monday, June 22, 2020 11:55 AM Carissa Dunphy's mom made face masks with this fun, opti-themed print. Dunphy, who runs Optician Now, hopped over to Instagram to share some selfies from her mom's customers, who all look happy, safe, and very trendy in their masks.