San Antonio, Texas
Jim Eisen, President and CEO, HVHC, Inc. and President, Visionwor

Target Demographic: Visionworks goes beyond the basic buying demographics. Using various research tools, Visionworks is able to understand its consumer purchase behavior and deliver the Visionworks message to those who are likely to purchase eyewear from a retail chain.

What’s the Message: We have many TV spots that we run depending on time of year, demo and message. A good example of focused buying would be our 2/$99 Kids Glasses and Annual Eye Exam spot that ran during the Little League World Series on ESPN. This programming has a high family viewership and as it occurs right before school starts, the timing and demo was perfect for the message.

Media Outlets: Visionworks utilizes national television as a campaign base to generate efficient mass reach against their target audience. Relevant programming at the local level is used to enhance this connection with consumers.

Return on Investment: Visionworks is a data-driven marketer constantly reviewing tactics with results and makes adjustments as needed to deliver our sales goals.

Takeaways: A holistic approach with all mediums working together to deliver consistent messaging creates a strong connection with consumers and increases brand awareness.