WASHINGTON, D.C.—The U.S. is watching more videos online than ever before, according to Forbes in its article, “5 Online Video Trends To Look For In 2015.”

Georgetown Opticians’ recently released mini-movie is the perfect example of those trends, particularly number three, “Less focus on mass marketing, more on targeted marketing,” and number four, “It’s all about original and premium digital video programming.”

Described as Wes Anderson meets The Addams Family, the professionally produced video is narrated by an accented voiceover that tells the story of an optically obsessed family to a classical music soundtrack.

If it sounds somewhat autobiographical about a multi-generational optical family, it is to some extent. “We let the design firm run a little wild with telling the story of our family business,” Georgetown Opticians’ general manager Pierce Voorthuis told dba. “We all grew up with glasses and we all love glasses,” so the video reflects “how we all lived around glasses.” Even the dog in the video is Pierce’s own, Troy who plays Iris in the video. The rest of the performers are professional actors.

The wacky styles of the family’s outfits, home décor and even eyeglasses establish the video’s quirkiness, which is reflected in their outrageous optically oriented activities. The fun video has attracted a lot of attention via the internet and social media, and it has already been written up by AdWeek and Fast Company, among other publications.

The fashion eyewear retailer with three boutiques in the Washington, DC, area enlisted the professional firm of Design Army, who also happen to be clients and personal friends, to collaborate on a new creative approach for the business. “We decided this year to shift how we brand our store and focus on ourselves and our style rather than let the brands we carry be our outward representation,” Voorthuis said. “Design Army understood our story and what we were about, so we worked with them collaboratively to flesh out a more exciting cohesive image.”

The campaign succeeded in achieving both excitement, judging from the buzz it has generated, and cohesion, with the video spawning print, social media and other in-office promotional materials. Voorthuis described it as a “pretty wide, geo-targeted digital advertising campaign. It will live on our website, on fashion-oriented websites, and it will be heavily promoted through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.” Its target audience is mid- to affluent consumers who live in the DC metro area.

In business for 38 years, Georgetown Opticians operates three locations known for carrying unique and exclusive eyewear. “We’re intent on exploring why high-end eyewear is fun and important,” Voorthuis said, spoken like a true optically focused individual, not quite but almost like those in the video.

The video concludes with the tagline, “Our family knows glasses.” Yes they do, Georgetown Opticians . . . clearly.