Clarkson Eyecare

St. Louis, Missouri
Jessica Tobin, Director of Marketing

Target Demographic: Women 25-to-54, because they are the people who make the health-related decisions. Everybody has eyes, so anybody can use our services.

What’s the Message: We focus on the medical model rather than offering discounts.

Media Outlets: We’re on all four major local affiliate stations, and we also partner with the local cable provider so they can place ads for us on any cable network in the area. We run all media in three-week flights, three weeks on and two weeks off. A vast majority of our advertising is on the news considering that’s when a lot of people watch in real time. We also cut them into 15-second pre-roll videos for digital advertising.

Return on Investment: It’s a struggle to measure ROI on television. We can do it with digital where we can get reports on views and click-throughs and also in print with barcodes on coupons. We have always done television for the past ten years, but we updated it with a logo and the “Simply.Better.” tagline in the fourth quarter of 2013, when we decided to make an investment in an ongoing campaign. It took a few months before we started seeing new people, and those numbers have continued to rise.

Takeaways: We place all of our media on an annual basis. We meet in November to place the entire year, which maintains consistency and ensures the best rates and shows. We don’t have an endless budget, so being on the air for three weeks at a time we are able to purchase as much frequency. For example, we can be on the Today show twice a day rather than once every other day. We really believe in television advertising. It has always been a part of Clarkson advertising and proven for our patient base that TV is a place we need to be.