LensCrafters (Luxottica Retail North America)

Mason, Ohio
Amy Connor, Vice President, Marketing Target

Demographic: With almost 1,000 stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, we reach a broad demographic. Our media buying target is 25-to-54, but because television is watched across all demographics, we do know we also reach the 18-to-24 and 55-plus markets.

What’s the Message: Overall we present a couple of different messages. Obviously, we focus on people with vision correction needs, about 75 percent of the population. While it is a large group, we know a lot about people who wear glasses. For example, the “Be Clear” ad resulted from an innovation, My Look, developed through understanding how consumers cannot see when trying on glasses.

Media Outlets: Television (broadcast prime), cable (premium and entertainment), digital and mobile; wherever people are watching. We do a lot of in-depth research on where consumers are consuming media, and it’s beginning to shift to phones and tablets where people watch their favorite shows.

Return on Investment: We’re very fortunate to have very strong marketing vehicles with a positive return from many of them, including television and online videos. We have sophisticated measurement tools and know that the ROI for online video is on par with TV, which makes sense to us, as online video is simply the way the consumer watches their favorite shows these days.

We are fortunate to work with some great agencies and teams. We are moving a bit toward online video, but what’s surprising is that television is still the broadest reach vehicle available. Even as many of us are moving to our mobile devices, people still like consumer television shows. We are constantly monitoring the future, and if we see shifts where consumers are going, we will be there. Two years ago, we would have had everything on television. Four years ago there were not as many cable options, but now look at how much amazing original content cable providers are putting out there with strong ratings.