The Made Eyewear brand exudes individuality, allowing those who visit the online eyewear retailing site to build their own custom pair from thousands of options. That independent spirit is reflected in a recently released online video created to promote Made Eyewear’s collaboration with record label Burger Records.

“We saw their other videos and thought they showed their creativity and personality, and that fits our brand, letting people be themselves and express themselves,” Made Eyewear’s marketing manager Matt Garbutt told dba. “We’re custom eyewear for custom people.”

The video features members of the record label’s band Cutty Flam humorously discussing the delivery of a pair of Made Eyewear glasses. It’s already received a lot of exposure after being posted on the social media accounts of the band, the record label and Made Eyewear.

Following the success of this video, Made Eyewear has future plans to work with other brands and influencers, Garbutt told dba, in a program it’s calling “Badassadors” (badass ambassadors).