Founded over 20 years ago, Opti-Port is a national alliance of leading multi-office eyecare providers that leverages the combined strength of its member practices to create revenue-enhancing, cost-saving and market-expanding opportunities. Opti-Port is the only eyecare alliance dedicated solely to supporting large, regional multi-office practice groups. The alliance has grown to include 59 multi-location practice groups that represent over 500 practice locations, with several members routinely appearing in Vision Monday’s annual Top 50 Optical Retailers report.

Opti-Port leaders are focused on creating the right community and providing the right resources and savings to meet the needs of Opti-Port members. Some key areas of focus are:

• Continued work with key vendors to control inflationary challenges and empower organic growth.
• Expansion of exclusive study groups to unlock the shared opportunities and challenges faced by members.
• Increased educational opportunities for members.
• Additional member services resources to support the continued growth of our members. For example, introduction of Opti-Port’s private label contact lens products (launched in 2022).

“Opti-Port’s study groups are a particular super power that we have utilized to maximize profitability and sustain growth for our members for years,” said Jason Lake, OD, Opti-Port’s general manager. “Multi-practice groups face unique challenges and have unique opportunities—and our study groups are essential to unlocking both. In the past year, our study groups have focused on continuing to scale their businesses during these dynamic times demonstrating our members can achieve anything when they put their collective minds and talents to work.”

Dr. Lake told Vision Monday that over the past year Opti-Port “has really expanded the study groups, and we’ve grown those to three groups … with 30 some members, pushing 40 members. Those folks are growing at a remarkably faster rate.” The groups meet twice a year, and by virtue of working with peer groups it enables the group members “to accelerate decision-making so much faster, especially with multi-location” practices, he said.

Opti-Port also will hold a national meeting, for the second time, during the first weekend of November in Chicago. Opti-Port held its first national meeting in 2021.

“What we’re trying to do is create a much more intimate setting, for the people who are there and want to collaborate,” he added.

Opti-Port sees continued expansion of its network in the near and long term. “There are growing regional practice groups across the country who are beginning to encounter the unique challenges our alliance was designed to tackle,” Lake said. “Those practice groups are coming to Opti-Port because they want to be a part of a growing, vibrant community dedicated to solving their unique needs.”

For Opti-Port, the truest measure of success is the success of its members’ businesses. “Our members are looking at sustained organic growth, enhanced profitability and increased size of their operations as indicators of success,” Lake added. “Therefore, our group is intently focused on continuing to deliver the programs, initiatives, and key insights that drive these successes for members.”

Opti-Port is a part of Essilor of America, which is a division of EssilorLuxottica.