Vision Source is North America’s most extensive network of independent optometrists, consisting of over 3,150 locally owned optometric practice locations with 4,500 doctors. Founded in 1991, Vision Source is dedicated to preserving the elite business of independent eyecare and providing highly personalized services delivered through a unique heritage of shared expertise, according to the organization.

The year 2021 was a period of growth for Vision Source, both in terms of expansion of the network, with 200 new members added, and in the resources and strengthened strategies deployed to members to ensure their practices are winning.

“We recently expanded our Vision Source Next program—the only private practice initiative that actively provides solutions for all of the life cycle challenges of optometrists,” said Jeff Duncan, general manager of Vision Source. “The appointment of Dr. Mick Kling as the leader of Vision Source Next was a critical step for the program.

“Under his leadership, we were able to support the start-up of new practices, add associates to existing practices, and explore and prepare for the transitions between private practice owners. Through our newly introduced Vision Source Next Fund, we are able to support practice owners with supplemental funding to enable more private practice start-ups, expansions and transitions.”

In the past year, Vision Source also introduced its Myopia Management protocol, the latest in the organization’s suite of exclusive clinical practice protocols.

“The sight-threatening epidemic of progressive myopia is on the rise and it is critical to equip private practices with every resource and the right protocol to combat the condition,” Amir Khoshnevis, OD, chief medical officer, said.

“We are able to consult with the collective brain trust of the best doctors in the country to create comprehensive, best-in-class protocols which include clinical education and implementation strategy, giving our members a trusted resource and roadmap. Now, our myopia management protocol will arm private practitioners to create a lifelong and immensely positive impact for some of our youngest and most vulnerable patients,” Dr. Khoshnevis said.

In response to a strong member desire, Vision Source enhanced its exclusive frame board management and integrated supply chain program, Frame Dream, to drive patient satisfaction and delight, practice profitability, cost and inventory controls, and streamline operations.

“We are approaching over 1,000 members who have adopted Frame Dream. As they experience the benefits of the program, many want to manage more of their frame business in this fashion,” said Donna Mikulecky, chief operating officer. “Therefore, we have launched Frame Dream Premium and Focus on Frames, which provides additional benefits.”

This includes more savings promotions, the PreView online patient frame selection tool, an analytics dashboard and unique in-office branding materials to amplify the benefits of the program.

“Our reason for being is to help our members succeed and we are unwavering in that primary goal,” Mikulecky said. “To continue supporting the success of our members, we are intensely focused on three critical areas: improved revenue per patient; expansion of member practices through new patients, new associate ODs and new locations; and driving profitability through unbeatable cost of goods and services savings.

“To help deliver on these goals, we have provided our members with six key practice management strategies around frames and lenses, contact lenses, learning and development, managed care, practice lifecycle solutions and practice marketing,” Mikulecky said.

With its member growth continuing last year, Vision Source noted that the infrastructure of the organization remains essential to delivering positive results for members, with nearly 350 people, including 180 local doctor leaders and 100-plus local staff leaders, dedicated to helping ensure the success of 3,150 member practices.

“Within the fabric of Vision Source, there is an ongoing dialogue among our members on how to help each other be more successful,” Dr. Khoshnevis said.

“It is amazing to have a group of doctors who are continuously focused on accelerating practice growth for themselves and their private practice colleagues. This cultural collaborative element coupled with best-in-class people and resource support from our Vision Source team have really elevated our member practices performance above all others—always outpacing the industry in growth, sometimes by six times the industry pace,” Dr. Khoshnevis said.

Vision Source will always measure success by the health of Vision Source members’ practices and the organization’s ability to deliver on its commitment to lead the way for private practice optometry.

Vision Source is a part of Essilor of America, which is a division of EssilorLuxottica.