ADO Practice Solutions has been providing industry-leading savings and business services to help independent eyecare professionals manage their practice with ease, control costs and increase profitability for over 35 years. The organization notes that it prides itself in keeping practices in complete control of their businesses.

“We are the group that originated the flat-fee model back in 2012, making us the first group to be considered an ‘Alliance with Buying Group benefits,’” said Jobe Sellers, vice president and general manager of ADO Core topics and programs. “So we’re the best of both worlds where the independent ECP doesn’t have to choose. They can benefit from all of our services without having to join an additional group to get the full benefits.”

At ADO, the main programs for independent ECPs focus on savings, growth and maximizing success. And all membership levels entail full implementation of the programs within those levels, according to Sellers. “Full implementation is definitely where we stand out from our competitors. Not only do we train, but we all implement what we train and consult on,” he added.

ADO offers three membership lev­els, each designed to align with a prac­tice’s goals. “Each level provides unmatched cost-savings and growth-focused pro­grams,” said Kim Bratcher, director of member relations for ADO.

The first level of membership is the ADO Core membership. Through an ADO Core membership, the group focuses on increasing the practice’s buying power with cost-savings programs and simplified purchasing processes. “We help the practice reduce and align its cost of goods while saving them time and energy so they can keep the practice focused on patient care,” Bratcher said.

This level of membership features a flat-fee membership rate with no contract, and it offers the best discounts from the largest vendors in all categories. There also are more than 20 unique vendor rebates across all categories including contact lens, ophthalmic lens, frames and supplies.

This level includes quarterly rebates from each premier vendor partner based on net purchases, discounts and offers on everyday purchases and first-time purchase exclusives from all premier vendor partners. New in 2022 in this level are the addition of medical surgical vendor suppliers.

The Core membership also features “CLogic,” a contact lens program that offers savings opportunities and no minimum requirements. It provides access to both manufacturer and distributor rebate offerings. The CLogic program allows practices of all sizes to participate in contact lens rebates, and the rebates are guaranteed and are paid out on a monthly basis, which ADO said is unique to the industry.

The Core membership level offers ophthalmic lens rebates, with exclusive rebates from three manufacturers and a free frame-shipping program, which has existed for more than 10 years. This aspect of the Core level membership “grew immensely popular over COVID and continues to do so,” Bratcher said, noting that it allows a practice to leave its best sellers on-board, which increases revenue opportunities and decreases understock situations.

The free-shipping program is a great solution for practices that are short-staffed, and helps with frame board management and shipping costs, Bratcher said.

With the Core membership, members also receive dedicated resources to help practices, including ongoing staff training and customer service.

The second level of membership is ADO Accel­erate, which offers business development support and tools to drive what’s truly important to building independent ECP’s business.

The exclusive programs in this level include Do­ne4You Marketing, a professional marketing service provided for a fixed monthly fee with no contracts. It has produced notable results for practices utilizing its services, including achieving an optical revenue increase, on average, of 17 percent. This increase has held strong since 2017, ADO said.

Done4You marketing provides ECPs a dedi­cated expert to manage and execute all of their marketing initiatives. “I created this program in 2015 based on the needs of the practices,” Trish Olson, director of marketing and creator of Done4You Marketing, said. “And to this day, our members appreciate that we do full implementation of all their marketing and not just pieces of it.”

Done4You marketing has been dedicated to providing revenue-based results and customized marketing to help clients stand out in a competitive marketplace. “We’re focused on helping independent eyecare professionals across the country thrive with our cohesive marketing strategies in order to grow their practices and in­crease their capture rate, revenue per patient, and maximize third-party plans without seeing another patient,” Olson said.

Done4You Marketing works “from start to finish,” and it is designed to drive practice growth by increasing capture rate and revenue per patient, while maximizing third-party plans, Olson said.

The top level of ADO membership is known as the Peak Performance level and it includes all of the buying opportunities and resources of the other two membership levels, and it is designed to help each practice focus on maximizing success. This exclusive membership level includes all that ADO has to offer, including exclusive events, education, networking and strategic consulting for continued growth.

ADO Practice Solutions is owned by Walman Optical, a part of the EssilorLuxottica Group.