Optical Steps Up for Diabetes Awareness Month

NEW YORK—According to the World Health Organization’s “World Report on Vision,” released in October 2019, the number of people with diabetes-related retinopathy globally is estimated to increase from 146 million in 2014 to 180.6 million in 2030. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in adults in the U.S. Statistics like these may be hard to wrap your head around—but they do remind us just how important Diabetes Awareness Month is, which occurs every November.

This year, Prevent Blindness tackled Diabetes Awareness Month by launching a no-cost educational toolkit, “Diabetes and the Eyes,” which includes fact sheets, shareable infographics for social media, and financial assistance resources to increase access to eyecare. For health care professionals, community organizers, and more, an educator course is also available, including a PowerPoint presentation and script—all made possible by funding from the Allergan Foundation.

In addition, ECPs across the country have taken to social media to educate their patients on Diabetes Awareness Month and how diabetes can affect the eyes. Here’s a look at how a few ECPs have stepped up for Diabetes Awareness Month.