ST. LOUIS—The American Optometric Association (AOA) has launched Blink Land, a single-player mobile game that teaches players about eye health and its relation to screen time. Blink Land teaches players about better screen time habits, how to ease common symptoms of digital eye strain and the importance of in-person care with an AOA doctor of optometry. Over 227 million Americans play video games, and AOA's 2022 Gamer Survey results revealed that the average gamer has experienced various eye-related symptoms from gaming, including eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision.

Prolonged screen time also can increase your risk of developing eye infections due to decreased blink rate while viewing screens. Blinking spreads tears across the eye, and when eyes don't have enough tears to rinse away foreign matter, they become more prone to infection. To solve for this, Blink Land will educate gamers how screen time and eye health are connected through minigames, facts, and trivia throughout the game.

Many gamers are aware of the eye health implications for long-term screen time usage, but more than half (54 percent) do not visit a health care professional for a comprehensive eye exam every year. Blink Land helps share tangible actions players can take to protect their eyes while on screens, such as using the 20-20-20 rule, blinking frequently, and setting up their screens properly. Players can also book in-person yearly exams with an AOA doctor of optometry.

"During an annual in-person comprehensive eye exam, a doctor of optometry will not only check your vision but scan for and identify over 270 serious conditions. Annual eye exams coupled with healthy eye habits are a great formula for gamers to optimize their eye and overall health," said AOA president, Ronald L. Benner, OD. "This mobile game is an exciting bridge between the gaming and eyecare worlds."

Blink Land was developed as part of Eye Deserve More, AOA's national public awareness campaign, now in its third year, that takes a stand that every American deserves in-person comprehensive eyecare from a doctor of optometry as part of their eye health and overall wellbeing.

Blink Land provides gamers with the opportunity to learn about eye health and adopt healthy eye habits alongside the hero character "Blink." The game was developed by Elaine Gomez-Sanchez and Playcrafting, a member of the Screen Time Alliance, which is a partnership between the American Optometric Association and gaming industry partners that provides gamers eye health tips right where they are—within a game.

"As someone who has experienced the impact long hours on screens has on my eyes, I felt passionate about developing Blink Land, which incorporates eye health into every aspect of the game" said Gomez-Sanchez, game designer and developer, Blink Land. "With the popularity of gaming on the rise, we should all ensure we are taking proper care of our eye health so we can continue doing all that we love on screens for years to come."

Download Blink Land on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To book an appointment with a local AOA doctor of optometry, visit