Products: Multi-FLEX-2, Multi-FLEX-2E
Top Line: Satisloh introduces the fourth generation of their automated, soft tool polishers: Multi-FLEX-2 and Multi-FLEX-2E.
Close Up: These new machines expand on the polishing technology the company first developed in 2015 and produce more than 300,000 lenses every day. Both models feature a completely new handling system that combined with redesigned components, produce even better polish quality.
“A high caliber polishing process is essential to producing quality surfaces and our already-proven Multi-FLEX technology is even more robust with this new generation,” said Rich Hughes, president, Satisloh North America. “And we’re excited to be able to offer our groundbreaking soft tool polishing technology to more labs with the Multi-FLEX-2E – a new two-chamber polisher built for labs processing up to 70 lenses an hour while the Multi-FLEX-2 can polish up to 100 lenses an hour when using our Top Speed Process.”
The Multi-FLEX-2 is designed for high volume Rx lens manufacturing lines with varied production needs, according to Satisloh. It provides full automation with three independently-controlled polishing chambers, each with two spindles and an optional tool wear monitoring system. The design makes processing up to three lenses simultaneously with different specifications, material, geometry, or surface requirements possible. Using Satisloh’s Top Speed process, it can polish up to 100 lenses per hour.
“Our Universal Tool technology really simplifies polishing; a single tool geometry processes all standard organic materials and the majority of Rx working ranges. This means fewer tool changes and a smaller tool inventory,” said Andy Huthoefer, VP product management & marketing, Satisloh. “Now pair the Multi-FLEX-2 Top Speed Process with Satisloh’s VFT-orbit-2 with Performance Package and you’ve got the fastest and most productive surfacing duo in the industry!”
Vital Stats:
• A new polishing process, “Evolution,” gives superior polish tool performance and is ideal for lenses that will be hard-coated and knife-edge lenses
• Redesigned tool-reception interface enables easier maintenance.
• Hydra-Boost, an integrated cleaning station, cleans both lenses and block-pieces while using 40 percent less water per lens than its predecessor.
• Automatic software-controlled polishing chamber cleaning. Cleans the complete chamber and the integrated bellows, which extends machine parts lifetime. Can be easily scheduled when convenient and without interrupting production time.
• Static polishing nozzles do not get misaligned during tool changes, maintaining optimum polish-slurry direction and flow.
• Increased accessibility for adjustments, inspection, and maintenance through new state-of-the-art design.
• Multi-FLEX-2 comes with MES-360 Lite software pre-installed so labs can track machine utilization, production throughput, and top five errors with daily reports using pre-established KPI.