Quick Take: Salvatore Ferragamo, from Marchon, has launched Gancini Unconventional Design, the new women’s sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2021.
Specifics: Inspired by a bestselling Ferragamo frame, the Gancini Unconventional Design is feminine and oversized, with a geometric shape and a thin, lightweight metal silhouette. The sunglasses also feature a nod to the Gancini symbol, an iconic Ferragamo motif. 
Selling Point: The new style is accompanied by a social media campaign featuring eight young digital personalities traveling through Italy and the United States. The sunglass lenses offer different points of view for each, while the game of chess serves as a common thread. The campaign will involve The Chess Garden in Florence, Italy, the Chess Plaza in Washington Square Park, New York and the Santa Monica Chess Park in Los Angeles, California.