Product: Haag-Streit Biometry Focus Month Online Education Events
Top Line: Haag-Streit offering a series of events for The ‘Biometry Focus Month’ that will feature well-known experts and product specialists, presenting best practices and techniques for generating outstanding results in biometry and myopia management.
The series of events aims to build confidence for both Clinicians and Technicians in the field of biometry. They will provide further insights on the Haag-Streit range of biometry products, including the LENSTAR LS 900, LENSTAR Myopia and the new Eyestar 900.
Close Up: The webinars will be delivered via Zoom and will run throughout May 2021. Lectures will include;
• Launch Event: Eyestar, precision OCT by Dr. Reiner Herrmann, director of marketing and global sales and Thomas Beutler, senior product manager, Haag-Streit Diagnostics (4pm, 29th April)
• Lenstar Myopia - Myopia management in your practice by Michael Rieger, product manager, Haag-Streit Diagnostics (3pm, 30th April)
• Axial length in myopia control by Thomas Aller, OD, FBCLA (5pm, 3rd May)
• Best practice to setup and perform a measurement with the new precision OCT Eyestar by Abdo Jamal, area sales manager, Haag-Streit Diagnostics (4pm, 4th May)
• Best practice for measurements with the Lenstar optical biometer by Kerri Menard, COA, OSC, clinical application specialist, Haag-Streit USA (5pm, 5th March)
• Understanding topography and corneal aberrations - How to use this technology to its fullest by Warren Hill, MD, East Valley Ophthalmology, Arizona, USA (4pm, 6th May)
• Eyestar's patented Mandalay Scan Pattern - New technology for improved results with swept-source OCT by Jorg Wagner, PhD (5pm, 10th May)
• Clinical value and use of the Eyestar Cataract Suite vision simulation tool and Zernike analysis by Thomas Beutler, product manager, Haag-Streit Diagnostics (4pm, 17th May)
• Toric IOL planning with the Lenstar and the Eyestar, a practical guide by Michael Rieger, product manager, Haag-Streit Diagnostics (4pm, 18th May)
• My first clinical experience with the Eyestar Cataract Suite by David Goldblum, MD, Pallas Clinics, Switzerland and David Imesch, MD, Eyeparc, Switzerland (4pm, 20th May)
• A practical approach to IOL calculation by Kirsten Stumpo, COA, clinical application specialist, Haag-Streit USA (5pm, 21st May)
• ‘Lenstar Myopia in a busy practice’ by Dr. Michael Bartschi and Michael Wyss MSc, Eyeness, Switzerland (5.30pm, 25th May)
• Hill-RBF 3.0 - More data for more refined outcomes by Warren Hill, MD, East Valley Ophthalmology, Arizona, USA and Hadi Kjaerbo, MD, Scandinavian Eye Center in Copenhagen, Denmark (4pm, 27th May).
Vital Stats: The clinical and product presentations are aimed at both current and future Lenstar biometer users. Online registration for all of these events is now open. ‘Biometry Focus Month’ is the second in a series of ‘Focus’ events to be delivered by Haag-Streit Diagnostics and follows the successful ‘Perimetry Focus Month’, which was held in March. For more information or to book a place on any of the webinars, please visit