Coburn Intros Portable Slit Lamp


Product: SK-LS-1B
Top Line: Coburn Technologies is adding a new portable slit lamp to its diagnostics product line, the SK-LS-1B.
Close Up: The SK-LS-1B portable slit lamp is an ideal solution for ophthalmology, optometry and veterinary practices. With its hand-held operation, users are able to examine patients who don’t have ability or cannot sit comfortably at a traditional slit lamp. It is extremely light and portable and comes in a custom case to easily carry and store.
“We saw an opportunity in the industry for a user-friendly, more mobile solution for slit lamp examination in eye care professionals’ practices, and wanted to offer something that expanded our currently SK family product offering,” said Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies.
Wayne Labrecque, vice president of sales for Coburn Technologies, noted, “Our customers are always looking for portability in their practice, and being a handheld device running on batteries, the SK-LS-1B gives them just that.”
Key features:
• One-hand operation: A built-in, one-touch, magnification switch makes it easier for doctors to perform inspections.
• Increased slit angle: Built with a maximum illumination angle of 60° helps practitioners and veterinarians get a better slit view of the cornea.
• Long-term operation with AA batteries: Powered by either AA rechargeable or dry cell batteries, the SK-LS-1B operates for more than four hours after being fully charged.
• Stronger LED illumination: Designed with 3,500K color temperatures for prestige viewing, while helping users relieve visual fatigues.
• iPhone Adaptable: Able to connect with an iPhone using an optional attachment to capture images through the slit lamp.
Vital Stats: The SK-LS-1B is FDA approved, and now available through Coburn Technologies.; (800) COBURN-1