Essilor to Debut New Varilux Comfort and Eyezen Designs


DALLAS—Essilor of America is launching its newest progressive lens innovation, Varilux Comfort Max, in April 2020. The latest generation of Essilor’s popular Varilux Comfort design, Varilux Comfort Max delivers flexibility in posture and fast adaptation for all-day long vision comfort.

Alongside Varilux X Series, the most technologically advanced progressive lens in the Varilux portfolio, Varilux Comfort Max can meet the needs of all presbyopic patients, according to Essilor. Send an email to to request a free information kit.

Also new from Essilor is Eyezen Start Single Vision. These lenses will help ECPs elevate their single vision offering to meet the needs of the modern wearer.

Eyezen Start lenses use a unique and patented design calculation with two reference points that optimize vision and deliver the right power over a wide area of the lens for all distance and gaze directions. The result is a lens that delivers “sharper, more comfortable vision for daily activities while defending against digital eye strain and offering harmful blue light protection,” Essilor said.

Dispenser Price Guide: $$$$$