Sunglasses with PogoAR (l) and without. 
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Wearable tech company PogoTec has offered the first glimpse of a prototype of its Augmented Reality system, PogoAR. On Tuesday, the company released photos that show sunglasses both with and without PogoAR, which it described in a press release as “a first-of-its-kind binocular augmented reality system that works seamlessly with most existing eyewear styles to provide a convenient, fashionable and easily portable AR platform.”

New or old eyeglasses can be equipped with the propriety system, which attaches to the top of an eyeglass frame, as shown here. With PogoAR, one or two SKUs can attach to the majority of eyeglass frame styles, PogoTec said. PogoTec has not announced a release date for PogoAR.

In March, PogoTec announced the hiring of Svetlana Samoilova as vice president of Augmented Reality (AR). Samoilova was previously senior director of engineering of HoloLens at Microsoft.