MIAMI, Fla.—ACEP, a leading developer of software, application, and product development for the optical industry, announced that the company will begin operating under a new trade name in the U.S. market and will be known as ACEP USA, effective immediately. The name change from American Bright Signs, Inc to ACEP USA is part of a rebranding initiative and reflects ACEP’s global presence and streamlines name recognition in its future business activities, the company said in an announcement. All of ACEP’s subsidiaries will now be communicating under the ACEP brand name and logo.

Jean-Philippe Sayag, CEO of ACEP, commented, “We opened ACEP’s U.S. subsidiary, A.B.S., Inc., in 1996 and launched our first product, the OpticVideo. We then released the original Smart Mirror in 1999, and ever since, we have achieved brand recognition in the U.S. with our Smart Mirror name, which is not the case in other markets. The new branding efforts will help benefit ACEP’s customers, partners, and employees.

“It will further improve ACEP’s recognition in all markets and with all publics in countries where we have a presence and identify its businesses, products, and software solutions more clearly. We look forward to further expanding our team, building our brand internationally, and accelerating our solutions’ development,” Sayag said.

Fabian Bruneau, who heads ACEP USA, told VMAIL that ACEP is planning a series of product launches this year, and will launch a new website soon.

Established in 1994, ACEP is the French-headquartered parent company of ACEP USA, based in Miami, Florida.