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Influenza levels remain elevated in the U.S., while COVID-19 levels keep declining, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last Friday in weekly updates.

“Seasonal influenza activity remains elevated nationally with increases in some parts of the country, particularly” the Northeast, New England, the Middle Atlantic, the Midwest, and the Central states, the CDC said, citing data collected through Feb. 17.

The data showed that positive clinical test results dropped 14.8% during that period while the percentage of outpatient visits for flu-like illness held steady at 4.5%. However, positive rest results increased in some sections of the country.

In an update on COVID, the CDC said positive tests results went down 1.3% from the previous week. Hospitalizations dropped 5.7%, emergency room visits went down 12.4%, and deaths dropped 11.1%. However, seniors and children under 12 months remain hospitalized at high levels. Head over to WebMD to read the full story.