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Turns out it’s not a Sisyphean task—or at least not impossible, like trying to roll a large boulder up a steep hill over and over again. Some people with deep-rooted beliefs on a wide range of health topics—from COVID vaccination to mental health stigma to foods including genetically modified organisms—could be persuaded to rethink their positions.

But how you deliver the message is as important as what you’re saying, new evidence suggests.

A traditional public health message like "Get vaccinated. It’s good for your health and the health of others" typically does not persuade large numbers to change their minds right away. It could be one reason that the CDC reports that only 23% of Americans received the most recent COVID booster shot.

In contrast, having someone who used to resist COVID vaccination explain why, in their own words—and explain what happened to make them change their minds—made some people rethink their attitudes in a study. Head over to WebMD to read the full story.