[Partner Post] Enhanced Flexibility. Elevated Care.


Among the many new themes in daily life which have emerged in the past months, two stand out: the accelerated shift to digital living, and the resulting need to be flexible. From online groceries to virtual school, from working at kitchen tables and sofas to telemedicine, we're all increasingly using digital devices which require a new level of flexibility. Like so many industries working to shift to meet changing consumer needs, independent eyecare practices across the country strive to continue providing the best in patient care while addressing the growing need to be flexible and the ubiquitous presence of digital devices around us. With presbyopic patients feeling the shift to digital life perhaps more than other patients, isn’t it about time the technology in progressive lenses adapts to provide the postural flexibility your patients need in their daily life?

Enter new Varilux Comfort Max lenses—the latest in progressive lens technology from a brand trusted by optometrists and opticians and steeped in tradition of innovating to meet real needs of wearers.

Powered by Flex Optim Technology, Varilux Comfort Max lenses are a tailor-made solution which stretches a wearer’s useful vision zone by up to 46%,1 granting them the postural flexibility to see a given focal point from many angles. No more adjusting postures or adopting rigid, uncomfortable positions to look from device to device. Varilux Comfort Max lenses adapt to the wearer’s unique natural postures—not the other way around!

How do wearers feel about the lenses? Varilux Comfort Max lenses have shown tremendous results in wearer studies, with existing PAL wearers rating the lenses an incredible eight out of ten for all around performance across visual zones (near, intermediate, and far vision).2 Perhaps even more impressive, 91% of first-time progressive wearers expressed satisfaction with the lenses during daily activities.3 Nine out of ten of these new progressive wearers indicated they would like to continue wearing Varilux Comfort Max lenses.4

Varilux lenses are the only progressives created using Essilor’s patented LiveOptics process, which tests the lenses on real wearers in real life conditions to ensure that eyecare professionals can trust the technology addresses their patients’ real visual needs. We assume the risk, so you deliver patient satisfaction consistently. And with 96% wearers satisfied with their vision, it's no wonder Varilux is the #1 progressive lens brand recommended by optometrists and opticians.5

Your patients have carefully chosen you as their eyecare provider, entrusting you with their most precious sense: their vision. By recommending Varilux, you help them see their sharpest, which not only validates that trust, but also sends a message that you won’t compromise when it comes to their vision care.

To learn more about Varilux lenses and to upgrade your progressive lens offering, contact your Essilor account executive or visit www.EssilorPro.com/Varilux.

1 vs. Varilux® Comfort W2+. Average percentage gain in area considering 3 prescriptions (-4 Add 2, 0 Add 2 & +4 Add 2), 5 target distances (at 40cm, 60cm, 1m, 2m & 5m) and max visual acuity loss of 0.15 logMAR.

2 Varilux® Comfort Max in-Life Consumer Study – independent third party – UK – 2019 (n=67)

3 Varilux® Comfort Max : in-Life & in-Key situations consumer study – Eurosyn – FRANCE – 2019 (n=53 new PAL wearers)

4 Wearers who answered 'yes' – yes/no to ‘want to continue wearing Comfort Max lens‘ – n=49/53 new PAL wearers

5 Global studies conducted between 2009 and 2017 on 1903 wearers (n = 18 studies); Survey conducted in 2018 by an independent third party. Sponsored by Essilor. Results were reported by independent opticians and optometrists.