The Lesley’s Optical Eyecare team in Miami has had overwhelmingly positive feedback about its new Ray-Ban Ferrari windows, and have used it to start conversations about its sunglass collections.

MIAMI—For the first weekend in May, Miami turned into the racing capital of the world. The Formula 1 World Championship descended on the south Florida city, bringing thousands of racing fans to the Magic City. Sports Business Journal reported an attendance of over 90,000 for the race on Sunday, May 7, with about 90,000 attending qualifying sessions on Saturday, and about 89,000 at practice sessions on Friday, too. In addition to racing fans, the Grand Prix brought celebrities galore to Miami: Tom Cruise, Shakira, Patrick Mahomes, Vin Diesel, J Balvin, Maluma, Queen Latifah, the Williams sisters, Roger Federer, and so many more strutted through the Formula 1 paddock.

With all eyes on Miami, a perfect opportunity arose for Ray-Ban and its partner Scuderia Ferrari to showcase the work they do together. The week before the race, Ray-Ban hosted a special customer event at the EssilorLuxottica showroom in Miami, giving accounts the chance to see this season’s Ray-Ban Scuderia Ferrari collection up close, and get it into their stores ahead of the big weekend.

The two brands’ longstanding collaboration sees Ray-Ban’s logo on the Ferrari Formula 1 car, as well as on the race suits and uniforms of Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Both drivers wear their Ray-Bans to every race, too, and last year created their own limited edition sunglass designs to celebrate their home races in Monaco and Barcelona.

Ahead of race weekend, Ray-Ban accounts in and around Miami leveled up their Ray-Ban Scuderia Ferrari signage inside and out—a move that drew in customers and visiting race fans alike.

Rene Gonzales Camacho, OD, of Lesly’s Optical Eyecare in Miami told VM, “We’ve had amazing feedback from patients about our newly installed Ferrari x Ray-Ban window displays. By showcasing the new sunglasses front and center, we’ve been able to promote the new Ray-Ban collaboration as well as start the conversation regarding the new lines and products we carry. As a practice looking to increase our sunglass sales, we feel the increased brand exposure will help our reach our goals.”

Anette Abel of CA Prestige Eyewear echoed Dr. Gonzales Camacho’s sentiment, “CA Prestige Eyewear is on a busy street in the central part of greater Miami with great exposure. [We’ve] definitely seen an increase in foot traffic since the Ray-Ban Ferrari door clings were installed; they are absolutely elegantly, stunning.”

Finally, Scott Goodman, of Clearsight Opticians in Fort Lauderdale, said the same: “The Ferrari window is a unique feature that showcases the Ray-Ban brand and attracts customers to our Ray-Ban Showcase. It displays the latest models and creates a sense of exclusivity and prestige. The Ferrari Ray-Ban window is more than just a window, it is a statement of our passion and excellence.”

Even away from the race foot traffic, it’s clear that Ray-Ban and Ferrari’s partnership has an impact on customers—and that something special is happening.

For Ray-Ban accounts in Miami, race weekend offered the perfect way to get involved in the local community, invite in customers and increase sales. The connection between Ray-Ban and Scuderia Ferrari runs deep, and the two brands are authentically aligned, creating a seamless partnership on all levels, all the way down to customers’ in-store experience. As Formula 1 continues to grow here in the U.S., and with races in Austin and Las Vegas scheduled for later this year, this connection will only deepen—and demand will only increase.

Located in central Miami, CA Prestige Eyewear has seen an increase in foot traffic after installing its Ray-Ban Ferrari windows.

In Fort Lauderdale, the Clearsight Opticians team sees its Ray-Ban Ferrari windows as a true showcase of the practice’s passion.

Vision Mood in Miami showcased its Ray-Ban Ferrari collection in a front-facing window, complemented by its window displays.

G Boutique in Miami made its Ray-Ban Ferrari windows a central feature of its race weekend display.