(L to R) Griebenow Eyecare’s Chris Lopez, OD, Molly Benck, OD, and Craig Sylte, OD, can proudly show off their private label collection both in-office and online.

NEW YORK—For independent ECPs taking their practice to the next level, private label eyewear is often a logical and exciting step, allowing ECPs to flex their creative muscles, lean into the design world and connect with their patients in a new and unique way. Now, with the launch of a new program from Frames Data, in conjunction with private label supplier Your Brand Eyewear, that integration has become even more seamless. The new program offers practices the ability to display their private label frames from Your Brand Eyewear in an online gallery, but under a custom brand name that is exclusive to the practice. Previously, private label eyewear could only be displayed under the name Your Brand.

With this new change, private label frames are more perfectly integrated with in-office branding and design, creating a seamless bridge between digital and physical—like it does for the team at Griebenow Eyecare with locations in New London and Clintonville, Wisconsin.

Griebenow carries the private label brand InD Eyewear, exclusive to PECAA members and popular with patients. Melissa Sylte, Griebenow Eyecare's business manager, said, “We absolutely love carrying the InD Eyewear brand, which is exclusive to PECAA members. At first we had a concern that patients wouldn't be able to find the InD Eyewear brand on our My Frame Gallery, since it is manufactured by Your Brand and shows up in inventory as that same name.

 Griebenow Eyecare is able to showcase its private label collection, InD, online.
“However, the team at My Frame Gallery was able to easily accommodate our needs by changing the name on the back-end, so patients always see the InD Eyewear brand as they browse frames on our website. InD Eyewear is a win-win. Great margins, quality frames and a great way to showcase them online with My Frame Gallery.”

The overall impact of well-integrated private label eyewear is not to be overstated—from helping indies stand out in a crowd to capturing new customers from unexpected places, private label allows indies to offer something that no one else can. But making those products easy to find for patients is half the battle.

Mark Graham, Your Brand’s founder and chief creative officer, said, “Independent practices are facing competitive pressures from all sides. And private label frames are a way that we can help level the playing field for them… We help practices every step of the way. We like to start with a discussion to understand the practice's local market and to get a sense of their goals and challenges.

“Then we can help with the branding, and we have designers that can create logos as needed. We can even provide marketing imagery to help promote the frames. And on top of all of that, we have an extensive catalog of frames to choose from, so it's really easy to get started.”

He said, “Now with the My Frame Gallery program, practices can showcase and promote their custom frame brands online and the brand names are exclusive to them. No other retailer, online or traditional brick-and-mortar, will offer it.”

For practices like Griebenow Eyecare, integrating private label eyewear into an online frame gallery means higher capture rates and improved profit margins—but it also means putting a spotlight on the creative work they do so well, and showcasing something they are proud of. For patients, an online hub for eyewear adds a sense of legitimacy and excitement, while also providing them with a place to direct friends who might be interested in similar frames. It bridges the gap between the office and the rest of the world—and takes independent practices up to the next level.