#MaskFashion Proves That Staying Safe Can Be Super Chic

NEW YORK—Wearing a face mask is a part of life that we’re all beginning to settle into. While there’s no question that wearing a mask isn’t the most comfortable or fun thing in the world, there’s also no question that it’s a vital way to help keep those we interact with—and ourselves—safe and healthy. A face mask is, of course, medical and safety equipment first—but that doesn’t mean we have to throw our fashion sense out the door while wearing one. Many people are now proving that masks can do double duty: keep us safe, and keep us looking cool. Here, we take a look at how some people are finding inspiration in their mask fashion.

Some fashion lovers are getting creative and matching their masks and their frames. Image by fashionsbytj on Instagram.  

For fashion bloggers on Instagram, finding a way to incorporate masks into outfits can be a fun, exciting challenge. Image via bragyourstyle on Instagram.  

Some bloggers find that matching their mask to their outfit is a great way to make it feel like an extension of something they’d already wear. Image via diamondoodles on Instagram.

Makeup artists also find that they can coordinate their eye makeup with their mask choice to create a look that feels cohesive. Image via Mahnoor Fatimah Aryaan on Instagram. 


Others have found that their masks are a fashion statement and an empowering piece of clothing. Image via victoriasuzanne on Instagram.