Independents Feel the Love Ahead of Valentine’s Day

NEW YORK—Taken, single, or somewhere in between, there’s plenty of love to go around this time of year. Although it can be easy to feel cynical—or to not want to play into the consumerism and wastefulness surrounding a holiday like Valentine’s Day—there’s also no question that we all need the little boost of brightness, love, and sugar-induced happiness, that Feburary 14 brings. When it comes down to it, celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean an expensive dinner at a stuffy, crowded restaurant. It can also mean spending time with your friends and family, or taking your dog out for an extra-long walk, or—as many independents are doing—getting in the spirit by decking out the office in more hearts than Kim Kardashian’s Instagram notifications.

As we all prepare to spend Valentine’s Day doing something that makes us feel happy (whatever that may be), let’s take a look at how some independents are celebrating the holiday at work. After all, there’s still some time to throw up a few red decorations—or to take a note for next year.

Belmont Eyes, in Belmont, North Carolina, introduced the addition of HeYelander to their stock, and showed off their Valentine’s Day decorations at the same time. Image via Belmont Eyes on Instagram.

Brand Optometry in Glendale, California, encouraged their followers to give the ones they love the gift of sight. Image via Brand Optometry on Instagram.

Don’t have Valentine’s plans? Wink Optometry, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, suggests showing your eyes some love this weekend. Image via Wink Optometry on Instagram. 

Eye Care Alabama in Piedmont, Heflin, Roanoke and Attalla, Alabama, shared some Valentine’s and optical humor on Instagram. Image via Eye Care Alabama on Instagram

Bright Eyes Vision in Hartsville, Pennsylvania shared a loved-up optical fact to celebrate. Image via Bright Eyes Vision on Instagram. 

The team at Eyes on Litchfield in Litchfield, Connecticut showed off their office decorations and on-theme outfit choices. Image via Eyes on Litchfield on Instagram

The Optical Divaz team from L’Optique in Asheville and Biltmore Village, North Carolina, chose a romantic pair of Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses to share on Instagram. Image via Optical Divaz on Instagram.