NEW YORK—May is Small Business Month, an important marker for many independent ECPs who juggle life as both doctors and small business owners. While celebrating yourself and supporting other small business owners this May, it’s also a great moment to reflect on your business, where you’ve been, how far you’ve come and what your next steps might look like. In celebration of Small Business Month, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put together a list of 11 critical areas for business development, including a number of action items to help business owners get started.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, the 11 critical areas to consider are: 

1. Developing core growth strategies
2. Amplifying your brand on social media
3. Recognizing your employees 
4. Upskilling 
5. Outsourcing non-core tasks 
6. Improving profitability 
7. Delighting and engaging existing customers
8. Prospecting for new clients 
9. Optimizing your website 
10. Bolstering your marketing efforts 
11. Leveraging AI 

The full list, with action items, is available on the Chamber of Commerce’s CO—website. Use it to spark some inspiration, and bring your business to the next level this Small Business Month.