NEW YORK—In August, EnChroma announced that more than 160 organizations and influencers committed to support September as International Color Blindness Awareness Month 2023. Throughout the month of September, EnChroma and all those who committed to getting involved (including major museums, universities, businesses, libraries, school districts, state and federal parks, tourism agencies, influencers, and Lions and Kiwanis Clubs) will share information to educate the public about color vision deficiency, both online and in person. And with September just beginning, there’s plenty of time for ECPs and other organizations to get involved, too. 

Color blindness affects one in 12 men (8 percent) and one in 200 women (.5 percent); 13 million in the U.S., 30 million in Europe and 350 million people worldwide—so the message of Color Blindness Awareness Month will doubtlessly reach someone with color vision deficiency, or someone who knows someone with the condition. And there are plenty of ways for everyone to get involved. 

EnChroma encourages organizations, businesses and individuals to sign up online here through their participation form to commit to making at least one social media post or undertaking any other activity to promote color blindness awareness in September. Participating large organizations will receive two pairs of EnChroma glasses to give away to color blind students, customers, staff or visitors.

To make participating even easier, EnChroma has made a series of social media graphics free to use for anyone who wants to get involved. These include communications assets for participating organizations, education and color blindness images, captions and more in both U.S. and international spellings, images to promote the glasses giveaway and a document to help you create your own color blind view images and videos through the Chromatic Vision Simulator app. All the resources are available for free online here

Some ECPs have already gotten involved—but there’s still plenty of September left to go.

EnChroma’s free social media graphics allow ECPs and organizations to share information about color vision deficiency this September.

At the beginning of September, EnChroma shared an announcement about Color Blindness Awareness Month on Instagram. Image via enchroma on Instagram

Glimpse Vision in Chicago and Hinsdale, Illinois, kicked off Color Blindness Awareness Month with a social media post sharing that both locations offer EnChroma color corrective lens designs. Image via glimpsevisionoptical on Instagram

Eyes on St Albans in St Albans, England, shared that there is likely at least one color blind student in every classroom. Image via eyesonstalbans on Instagram

Preserve Vision Florida offered educational information about color blindness on Instagram. Image via preservevisionflorida on Instagram