NEW YORK—We never really need an excuse to celebrate dogs, but there is something extra special about celebrating man’s best friend in September, which is National Guide Dog Month. Guide dogs work hard and change lives every day, making them pretty easy to celebrate—but it can be helpful to get some ideas anyway. Here, we’re taking a look at how people are celebrating National Guide Dog Month this September, from those in the industry to vets and others. Feel free to get inspired, and make sure to take some time to celebrate all the work guide dogs do.

Guide Dog Foundation New York celebrated the start of National Guide Dog Month with a list of tasks that guide dogs are trained to do. Image via guidedogfoundation on Instagram

CedarSee Vision Center in Middletown, Delaware, took the time to thank guide dogs everywhere. Image via cedarsee.visioncenter on Instagram

Perkins School for the Blind spotlight a print titled “A Blind Girl of Rome” by I. Northcote and T. Gaugain, from 1794, which shows a guide dog at work. Image via perkinsarchive on Instagram

Chicago-based disability nonprofit organization Open Doors shared a post reminding all readers that guide dogs are allowed in all public spaces, and shared some etiquette for interacting with a person who is visually impaired. Image via opendoorsorganization on Instagram

Neuro Consulting Solutions shared a post explaining National Guide Dog Month, why it was created and what work guide dogs do. Image via neuroconsultingsolutions on Instagram

Charm City Vet in Baltimore shared information on how guide dogs are trained. Image via charm_city_vet on Instagram