NEW YORK—Independents around the country are joining in the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign to support women who are impacted by the disease. Practices are showing their own individual support, participating in community activities, sharing their stories to support the search for a cure.  Throughout the country, members of the optical community are doing their part to increase the number of breast cancer survivors worldwide. Many are encouraging purchases of an increasing number of eyewear and sunwear branded products that donate to the cause and supplementing patients’ commitment with their own donations. The Independent Eye is showcasing just a few examples here.

The team at Louisiana Eye Care showed their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Image via Louisiana Eye Care on Facebook
Dubuque Family Eye Care in Iowa encouraged second pair eyewear sales to which they’ll donate to support breast cancer research and the search for a cure. Image via Dubuque Family Eye Care on Facebook

Each year, Sager Eye Care Center in Plantation, Fla. puts together a special gift basket of items and asks its patients to buy tickets to enter to win these gifts—offering to match the amount raised from the drawing and donate to a local breast cancer organization. This year’s basket is valued at $1,700. Image via Sager Eye Care Center on Facebook
Kilgore Eye Care Center in East Texas supports October Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year and shines a light on the cause. Image via Kilgore Eye Care Center on Facebook

Virginia’s Commonwealth Eye Care Associates inspires their followers to show support for the cause and encouraged early screenings. Image via Commonwealth Eye Care Associates on Facebook