Finding funding can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes, whether it’s starting a new small business or looking to grow one you already own. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce can help small businesses secure loans or grants. Each week, the organization updates its list of loans, small business grants, and other programs and organizations that can help small businesses. Those searching for a grant from the federal government should begin at, where interested business owners (and aspiring business owners) can find a comprehensive database of funds available via grant and loan programs. Here, browsers will find thousands of available grants, with opportunities for funding for various types of small businesses.

Not all assistance flows directly from the federal government. Some funds are distributed to state and local governments and agencies, nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher learning. These entities, in turn, distribute the funds or use them to provide technical or educational assistance on a local level, so be sure to check with your state and local governments to determine eligible grant and loan options.

When searching through grant and contracting options, note that you may qualify for more than one program.

To see examples of grants, loans, and programs available to small businesses, click here.