NEW YORK—According to a recent survey conducted by Jobson Research, independent eyewear is sold by 83 percent of independent optical retailers and this segment of the market comprises close to half of their sales. Built on an optical heritage, independent eyewear brands continue to resonate with those seeking frames with a unique soul and character. Conducted by Jobson Research, this study surveyed independent eyecare professionals dispensing independent eyewear on their offerings, sales and opinions on this category.

When asked what percent of all frame and sunglass sales are independent eyewear sales, respondents said 51 percent of their revenue was based on this sector.  

When queried if independent eyewear appealed to individuality, 56 percent of respondents strongly agreed, while 53 percent strongly agreed that superior craftsmanship drew patients to independent brands. 

This survey was conducted by Jobson Optical Research’s in-house research staff. Data collection was conducted in October 2023. The 2024 sample of 183 respondents was derived from the proprietary Jobson Optical Research database. 

Only the responses of independent optical retailers who dispense Independent Eyewear are included in the report. All participants were recruited by email, and the questionnaire was completed online. Data is trended for identical surveys ran in previous years.
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