Dagny Zhu, MD.
SEOUL and MINNEAPOLIS—Eyesafe, a consortium of leading tech companies that develops blue light management technology and standards for the consumer electronics industry, announced that Los Angeles-based ophthalmologist Dagny Zhu, MD has joined the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board (VHAB). The Vision Health Advisory Board is a global group of leading ophthalmologists, optometrists and other specialized physicians concerned with the mounting body of evidence suggesting that extended to exposure to blue light emissions from digital devices is leading to an array of deleterious health effects on eyes and human health.

The Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board supports Eyesafe’s scientific research, technology solutions, and advocacy initiatives while directly informing the certification requirements for the globally recognized Eyesafe certification standard.

Dr. Zhu is a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in cornea, cataract, and laser refractive surgery. She was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in California, receiving her undergraduate degree in molecular, cell, and developmental biology at UCLA. She received her MD.from Harvard Medical School and completed her ophthalmology residency at the prestigious Doheny Eye Institute/University of Southern California Los Angeles County Medical Center, one of the largest public hospitals in the country.

Dr. Zhu completed fellowship training in cornea and refractive surgery at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, the top eye hospital in the world. Dr. Zhu is also a top Instagram influencer for eyecare with over 50,000 followers.

“I am really thrilled to be joining the Vision Health Advisory Board—a truly esteemed group of eyecare world-class eyecare professionals, many of whom I have known and respected for years,” said Dr. Zhu. “We in the eyecare industry need to become much more proactive when it comes to communicating with our patients around the risks posed by high energy visible blue light from digital devices. One of my main goals in joining the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board is to become a vital link between consumers and patients and the growing body of medical and scientific research available about the risks posed by blue light.”

“Dr. Zhu is a fabulous addition to the Vision Health Advisory Board,” observed Dr. David Friess, a Philadelphia-based optometrist who leads the Vision Health Advisory Board. “In addition to being a widely admired surgeon and eyecare specialist, Dr. Zhu is one of the most recognized faces of eyecare in America and has a unique ability to easily communicate oftentimes complex medical and scientific issues to everyday patients and consumers.”

In kicking off her work with the Vision Health Advisory Board, Dr. Zhu will be a featured presenter at the forthcoming Blue Light Summit 2021, which will be held Sept. 28 in Europe and the Americas and Sept. 29 in Asia-Pacific. This will be an all virtual event that will bring together leaders from top global consumer electronics brands and display manufacturers, leading eyecare professionals and major health plans, retail executives, experts on PC gaming and e-sports, as well as regulators and lawmakers, to discuss the dramatic impact that COVID-19 has had on device usage, screen time and blue light exposure.

Those interested in seeing Dr. Zhu and others presenting at the Blue Light Summit can register here.