NEW YORK—As thousands of practices across the country take steps to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, EyeCarePro has launched an in-depth COVID-19 Practice Resource Page and Recovery Guide. It provides ODs and practice managers with the steps to take for a strong and vibrant recovery. This includes downloadable campaigns, free telehealth, communication strategies, and ways to shore up revenue during reduced operations.

A major theme of the resource guide is ongoing patient and community engagement to maintain your brand, reassure patient concerns, and keep people up to date—which will also serve to maintain great momentum for the long-term recovery, the company noted.

This resource page provides a planning eBook and a broad variety of in-depth resources for ODs and practice managers to use to implement the suggestions in the eBook. This includes:

● Free social media campaign downloads related to COVID-19.

● Webinars covering topics such as social media, optometry campaigns, practice video, and more.

● A video crash-course to ensure your practice website is ready to perform.

● Guides and e-books covering Facebook for Optometry and more.

Referring to the EyeCarePro COVID-19 strategy, Zvi Pardes, head of content marketing said, “Our mission has remained dedicated to helping eyecare professionals help more patients. But, like everyone else, we had to pivot fast as everything went into lockdown. So we got to work immediately to make tools such as HIPAA-compliant telehealth available to any practice, as well as campaigns, tips and marketing strategies they can use to improve their online presence whether they’re our clients or not. Our COVID-19 Survival Kit is the culmination of those efforts, and any practice that wants to bounce back in a serious way should take some time to peruse what we have there.”