NEW YORK—Eyecare professionals need to optimize "voice search," an important, developing trend which is impacting their practice's SEO results, according to a new range of information and downloadable e-book from EyeCare Pro, which helps ECPs manage their digital presence. A special report and the e-book are available at the site here.

EyecCare Pro points out, "As voice-activated devices like Google Nest and smartphones continue to be widespread, Google has started placing a premium on sites that cater to the Alexas and Siris of the world. Ranking first in search results is more important than ever. Now is the time to double down on improving your local SEO, or you risk losing out on new patients."
EyeCarePro also points out that almost half of all people have started using voice search to find products and services, and the trend is only continuing to increase. It’s predicted that soon, over half of all search queries will be through voice search.
Voice-activated speakers have been a part of American homes for a while now. Ever since Amazon Alexa started the trend, people have been able to enjoy hands-free, screenless searches simply by speaking their desires out loud. Now, according to data from Google, 72 percent of people who own voice-activated speakers say they use them as part of their daily lives. This means patients can potentially start searching for your practice anywhere, at any time, without the aid of a computer. If eyecare practices' sites are not optimized for voice search, they won't be reaching them. EyeCarePro added that it’s predicted that 55 percent of all households in the U.S. will own a smart speaker by 2022.