PEMBROKE PARK, Fla.—Aspex Eyewear has launched its newest optical collection, ModifEye. ModifEye offers a unique and patented fluid-based lens technology giving wearers the ability to independently adjust their degree of visual correction to their own optical needs, ranging from +1.25 to +2.75 diopters.

In 1985, a University of Oxford physicist, Joshua Silver, began clinical trials to see if the public would benefit from spectacle lenses which allow the wearer to adjust the focus of the frames according to their visual preference. Aspex Eyewear has recently revamped Silver’s original round frames with a more modern and fashionable twist and introduced ModifEye. The sole distributor and owner of the patent for this technology, Aspex’s ModifEye frames are not only stylish in appearance but also incorporate variable focus lenses, giving the wearer perfectly clear vision for different distances, the company said.

ModifEye reading glasses provide the clearest quality of vision and have completely revolutionized the way one reads with its simple turn of a small dial at each temple, according to the company. The collections trendy plastic frames and stylish color options include demi-amber, burgundy and black. The combination of the durable quality and premium materials used make for a superior product for the non-prescription reading glasses market, Aspex said.

Dispenser Price Guide: $$$ ■