Social Media Helps #NationalSunglassesDay Become Worldwide Sensation


Celebrities and media outlets celebrated National Sunglasses Day online. Image courtesy of The Vision Council.
NEW YORK—Every year, at the tail end of June, sunglasses take over social media. In 2018, The Vision Council’s National Sunglasses Day was a social media sensation, amassing over 1 billion online, social media, and broadcast media impressions across the board. And 2019 was no different.

According to The Vision Council, #NationalSunglassesDay was a trending topic on Twitter throughout the day on June 27, 2019, even popping up on the social media profiles of celebrities like Salma Hayek, Kathie Lee Gifford, The Ellen Show, Bethenny Frankel, and even the U.S. Secret Service. Alongside these big name mentions, thousands of ECPs, optical shops, designers, and just people who love sunglasses took to social media to take part in #NationalSunglassesDay and the #SunglassSelfie hashtags.

Also online, National Sunglasses Day coverage popped up on,,,,, and more.

This year, Brad Goreski, celebrity stylist and TV personality, took on a special media tour for National Sunglasses Day, appearing on about 23 live and live-to-tape TV and radio interviews where he discussed the importance of UV protection and the best summer sunglass trends for every face shape. Brad’s tour secured 111 placements, resulting in more than 169.6 million broadcast and online impressions on outlets like “Access Hollywood” and “The Daily Buzz.”

National Sunglasses Day logo 

The Vision Council’s media presence for National Sunglasses Day resulted in millions of fun #SunglassSelfies and styling posts, but the impact of this day goes far beyond fashion and faces. The overall goal of National Sunglasses Day is to share, educate, and emphasize the importance of UV protection for the eyes all year round. Sharing this information to their millions of fans means celebrities can make an impact on eye health around the globe.

Brad Goreski embarks on a media tour to celebrate National Sunglasses Day. Image courtesy of The Vision Council.

National Sunglasses Day coverage appeared all across the Internet. Image courtesy of The Vision Council.

Off social media, The Vision Council took to Capitol Hill to speak about the importance of UV protection, Optic Nerve, sponsor of the Colorado Rockies, wished the entire stadium a happy National Sunglasses Day on the field sign along with an announcement encouraging game attendees to share an image on social media using the day’s official hashtags, and brands and ECPs across the board offered special sales, incentives, and giveaways for National Sunglasses Day.

Once again, National Sunglasses Day was a resounding success. As The Vision Council rounds up final numbers from this year’s event, the rest of us can look back on how everything went down on social media last month—and start getting ready for next year.