Oprah wore Götti’s OR02 frames in Sand during her interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry last weekend.
Image via gottiswitzerland on Instagram.

NEW YORK—If you spent any time on the internet at all last week, you probably saw people talking about Meghan, Harry and Oprah. Oprah’s bombshell interview with the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex trended for days, prompting important discussions about race, mental health and misogyny, and has reframed how many look at institutions like the British royal family.

In addition to these important discussions, the two-hour long interview inspired another trend: serious love for Oprah’s glasses. In fact, her Götti OR02 frames in the colorway Sand pretty much stole the show—and prompted people all across the world to post on social media about how much they loved the frames, or wanted them for themselves.

Oprah has long shopped for her frames at Insight Opticians, an independently owned shop in Washington D.C., owned by opticians Yolanda James and Tony Byers. She first discovered the shop through a recommendation from her makeup artist Derrick Rutledge, and has been visiting opticians Yolanda James and Tony Byers for years now. Back in October 2019, she posted a video on Instagram of herself at Insight Opticians struggling to choose between two pairs of Götti frames—one of which were the pair that stole the show this weekend. Oprah has long been a Götti fan as well, and has worn various Götti frames while interviewing President Obama and Lady Gaga, as well as Meghan and Harry.

James told VMail Weekend that the interview has led to a busy week for her and Byers. "We are loving the exposure," she said. "We’ve been busy answering tons of inquiries about these unique glasses. [People are] not understanding these aren’t just sitting in a factory waiting to be shipped out." Byers highlighted an Oprah quote that she loves, too, and that she feels is applicable to this moment: "Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” 

Moments like these are priceless for independent businesses like Götti and Insight Opticians—there’s very little doubt that both will see increased traffic in the coming days and weeks. We can count on circular frames taking over as a trendy shape moving forward, too.

This weekend, we’re taking a look at some of the public’s responses to Oprah’s iconic eyewear.

Oprah also famously wore Götti while interviewing President Obama. Image via gottiswitzerland on Instagram.

In an interview with Lady Gaga, Oprah also donned Götti frames. Image via gottiswitzerland on Instagram.

In October 2019, Oprah visited Insight Opticians in D.C. and struggled to choose between a few pairs of Götti frames. One of the frames she purchased ended up being the ones she wore in last weekend’s groundbreaking interview. Image via oprahmagazine on Instagram.

Oprah has been visiting Insight Opticians’ Yolanda James and Tony Byers for years now, after a recommendation from her makeup artist Derrick Rutledge. Image via insightopticians on Instagram.

Oprah’s facial expressions during the interview became a meme—but her frames still stole the show. Image via ASKusmer on Twitter.

Droll Embiid, who hosts NPR’s Code Switch, shouted out how much he loved Oprah’s glasses on Twitter. Image via GeeDee215 on Twitter.

Many found that Oprah’s glasses were the most memorable fashion moment from the interview. Image via IanMacDJ on Twitter.

And others speculated on the price of her frames. Image via AsimC86 on Twitter.

Others hoped that Oprah’s frames would be included in her Oprah’s Favorite Things roundup at the end of the year. Image via itsthejoeshow on Twitter.