Teamwork Makes the Dream Work for Toronto OD


TORONTO, Ontario—Going to the doctor’s office can be quite daunting to some. The experience can be impersonal, with practitioners who are matter of fact and impersonable. And let’s face it, the whole thing can culminate into a dire diagnosis. Shalu Pal and her team at Dr. Shalu Pal & Associates in Yorkville, Toronto, are aware of this and have made it a mission to give you major FOMO through their Instagram page, helmed by Pal herself. The page is a fun outlet for the practice, intended to lure you and curb your reservations about doctors and the often harrowing experience of being in an examination room. DrShaluPal was created in 2016 as a companion page to a Facebook page she had created back in 2013. The goal for the page was to educate, as well as show personality and create a platform that people would want to engage with online, and in person. Read More