Luxottica Unveils New HQ and Showroom in New York City

NEW YORK—Luxottica invited media, customers and other guests to the official debut of its new U.S. headquarters and brand showrooms here, housed in a 100 plus-year-old building which has been completely overhauled with modern interiors and high-tech displays and office space.

The 50,000-square foot building, at 1 West 37th Street, was purchased by Luxottica’s founder, Leonardo Del Vecchio, in June 2016 for $73 million, the NY Real Deal reported. A gut renovation was undertaken of the entire building over two years, resulting in a multimillion dollar investment “to create the perfect home for Luxottica employees and an ideal space for customers to see the latest collections,” a spokesperson told Vision Monday.

The building was built over 100 years ago in 1912 as a garment factory, around the same time landmark buildings like the New York Public Library were built. The new design mixes the old with the new, restoring the façade of the building including the limestone moldings, the crown pieces and metal panels. At the same time, the company brought in completely modern materials—floor-to-ceiling LED wall installations, 46 tons of bronzed brass, and a brilliant lighting system, viewable from the street. The building has 11 floors and is home to over 300 employees from the wholesale and retail sides of Luxottica’s business.

The ground floor is a “storefront” lobby, where the floor to ceiling doors open directly onto the street. A massive LED wall installation plays branded campaign images 24/7 so it can be seen from the street any hour of the day or night.

The second floor showroom houses luxury and premium fashion brands. It is also where customers will find Luxottica’s new “Digital Red Carpet,” an innovative multi-screen experience, that allows customers to digitally interact with fashion styles in high definition. The experience showcases frame technical details, construction, and wearability on multiple face shapes, enabling buyer selection earlier than physical sample timings.

The third floor is dedicated to Ray-Ban and Oakley. Each brand has a dedicated space including branded meeting areas, product walls and LED screens with branded campaign videos. The Oakley side features Oakley apparel in addition to eyewear.

The fifth floor is a spacious state-of-the-art common space where employees can meet comfortably or enjoy lunch while the remaining floors are offices.

Fabrizio Uguzzoni, president of Luxottica Wholesale, N.A. said, “We’re proud to have our new HQ in a building that represents the true heritage of Luxottica, merging its rich history with a modern design. We were able to preserve many of the building’s original details, while at the same time taking a completely digital approach to the space to help our customers get a 360-degree view of our brands.”