NEW YORK—The embrace of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) this year has continued to expand among many businesses, large and small, public and private. In health care, too, and vision care in particular, DE&I has continued its evolution. 2023 has been a dramatic year, one of accomplishment, for DEI awareness, widening new ways that diverse populations and people of color are represented (or introduced) to the potentials of the vision care profession as well as ways for retailers, professional offices and related product companies to address patients in new ways. 
Of course, many challenges in the complex arena of DE&I persist, combined with an even more complex business environment as we end the year and look ahead to 2024.

Vision Monday reached out to just a few of the leaders within this space who are working across the U.S. eyecare business to tackle DEI issues in various ways. It is not a comprehensive review of all the initiatives and programs that are gaining ground, but a way to put things in perspective toward an even more productive New Year for DE&I efforts in eyecare and eyewear. Read more about it here.