Val Kolesnitchenko, MD.

BOSTON—Ace Vision Group, Inc., an emerging medical device company at the forefront of pioneering rejuvenation therapy for the aging eye and presbyopia, announced that it has named Val Kolesnitchenko, MD, as chief scientific officer. Dr. Kolesnitchenko has had a distinguished career spanning over three decades in clinical ophthalmology practice and industry. Most recently, he held the position of executive director of global scientific affairs at Bausch + Lomb, overseeing the medical and clinical development of the company's surgical portfolio.

"Dr. Kolesnitchenko has a strong foundation in both surgical and therapeutic ophthalmology, as well as highly developed interpersonal skills and industry relationships," said Dr. AnnMarie Hipsley, CEO of Ace Vision Group. "He has an impressive record of effectively connecting with cross-functional team members to facilitate clinical studies and advising on device regulatory and technical requirements.

“Val's assignment to the company as chief scientific officer comes at a very timely period in the company's preparations for its medical device regulatory submissions. We are very excited to have such a seasoned C-suite executive on board,” she said.

Through his extensive experience as a practicing ophthalmologist, as well as his leadership roles at Bausch + Lomb and at Alcon in medical affairs, Dr. Kolesnitchenko has the ability to understand the needs of the industry, the product and the customer at all levels. At Ace Vision Group, he will apply his insight and skills to the VisioLite laser device, the company's flagship technology used for the Laser Scleral Microporation (LSM) therapy.

LSM restores the eye's natural Dynamic Range of Focus(DRoF), allowing patients to see clearly at all distances with the eye's natural functionality. The VisioLite laser device for LSM is planned to be the first in-office laser therapeutic for the age-related vision loss that comes with presbyopia, the company said.

The VisioLite Ophthalmic Laser System and LSM are not yet FDA approved or available in the U.S. The product is currently in clinical trials only in select areas outside of the U.S., according to the company.

"I look forward to working with Ace Vision Group on this revolutionary approach to presbyopia," said Dr. Kolesnitchenko. "LSM can treat the progressive problem throughout the life cycle of this disease, opening new doors for treatment of the aging eye, and I am excited to lead a team as we research and communicate the fascinating science behind this therapy."