New Device Helps ECPs Measure Panto While Keeping Social Distance

Product: Optikam Posture Device (OPD)
Top Line: Optikam Tech Inc.  is introducing the Optikam Posture Device (OPD). Designed to work with the OptikamPad app, the new OPD is a unique tool that uses an electronic tilt sensor to capture and monitor the customer’s pantoscopic tilt in real time.
Close-Up: Operating the OptikamPad with the OPD helps in many aspects of the measurement process allowing the user to:
• capture the customer posture with a push of a button from within the OptikamPad app
• view the live posture reading in real-time for a faster and more precise posture validation
• demonstrate the benefits of multiple pair-sales
Vital Stats: The new OPD helps with the new social distancing norm. With the OptikamPad app and the OPD, users can take all the position-of-wear measurements with a single image and minimal human-to-human contact.; (888) 356-3311