Product: UV-Nano Scratch Resistant Coating 
Top Line: Ultra Optics, a longtime leader in scratch resistant ophthalmic coatings, is adding “UV-Nano” to its product offerings of machinery, spin coatings and ancillary chemical products. This newest solvent-free scratch resistant hard coating is an innovative product incorporating nanotechnology that has been specially prepared for spin coating application. 
Close Up: Some of its salient features of UV-Nano are the following:
• Adhesion – Excellent adhesion across all lens materials, including high index materials
• Abrasion – Excellent scratch resistance
• Tintability – The coating is tintable, despite having high hardness (Bayer) value
• Lacquer Stability –Stable in coating machine for long period without excessive thickening
• Overspray – Unlike most other lacquers, this coating does not overspray 
• AR compatibility – Is compatible with many AR stacks
Using nanotechnology, Ultra Optics has been able to create this coating to provide excellent tintability while maintaining high abrasion resistance. While in the coating machine, this coating has the ability to hold on stable viscosity range. Once the UV-Nano is introduced into the coating machine, it can deliver hard coatings in the acceptable coating thickness range week after week for a longer period.
Vital Stats: A simple system flush and filter changeover to a lab’s backside spin coating system will be ready for the UV-Nano Scratch Resistant Coating. UV-Nano can work in any of Ultra Optics’ standard coating machines such as the Mini2, MR3, OTB or the fully automated 44R, and the latest offering, the fully automated 54R. Additionally, this coating can be used on competitors’ spin coating machines. The UV-Nano is available for order as of March 20, 2023.; (800) 365-9993