New Lens Cleaner in Gel Form


Product: UltraVue Gel Lens Cleaner
Top Line: UltraVue Gel lens cleaner from Dynamic Labs is new technology, a patented gel formulation for cleaning lenses. Gel proves to be a more efficient and superior lens cleaner, while providing the same product attributes found in Dynamic Labs’ liquid cleaner, Purity lens cleaner. The special formula prevents streaking and static and is 100 percent safe on all lenses and coatings, according to Dynamic Labs.
Close Up: When UltraVue Gel lens cleaner is applied to the lens, the unique patented formulation keeps each drop on the lens. The gel adheres to the lens-where you spray it. Additionally, there is no over spray, because it is a stream rather than a spray. Because there is no loss of cleaner from an over spray or dripping cleaner from the lens surface, there is no wasted cleaner and less cleaner is needed upon application to the lenses. As the cleaner is wiped off, the superior cleaning power of the gel is apparent.; (888) 339-6264; (631) 231-7474